The aim of AMME is to propagate and support the development of materials engineering and science including the following materials: metallic, ceramic, polymeric, composite, nanostructural, biomedical and intelligent; manufacturing engineering of materials and products as well as surface engineering, and also computer aiding of research in this field, computational materials science and engineering design: constructional, material and technological; computer-aided manufacturing as well as the cooperation in propagating and dissemination of knowledge in this field and also the promotion of the persons and the institutions with outstanding scientific, organisational and technical achievements in this field.

AMME achieves its goals through:

  • scientific, educational and training activities, 

  • organizing scientific congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, conventions, meetings, lectures, courses as well as scientific and technical competitions. 

  • publishing activity including the participation in issuing the International  Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and other magazines , 
  • expressing opinions concerning educational, research and application programs of the scientific achievements and the working conditions of the research workers and the possibilities of the application of these achievements, specialist computer software and new technologies in industrial units, and also the conditions of working of the engineer-technical staff, 

  • the cooperation with other international organizations and institutions with similar acting goals,

  • the cooperation with scientific and educational units, 

  • business activity,
  • the realisation of research and didactic projects and the participation in international projects.